WAREHOUSE 13 ''13.1'' Review Season 2, Episode 5

Mrs. Frederick sends Eureka's Douglas Fargo (Neil Grayston) to upgrade the warehouse computer system, but the old operating system has other ideas in the 'Warehouse 13.1' episode of WAREHOUSE 13. When Fargo tries to bring the new system online, a failsafe is activated after eye probes pop up all over the warehouse and detect a catastrophic failure. Control of the system has passed to Hugo One, the creation of former agent Hugo Miller that actually contains the left half of Hugo's brain. Pete and Myka find the real Hugo at a nearby sanitarium and after a few hiccups bring him back to the Warehouse to undo Hugo One's damage and regain control of the warehouse by putting Hugo`s brain back together.

Grayston slips seamlessly into the Warehouse 13 ensemble, but retains his signature Fargo-ness. I love his attempt to horn in on the Artie-Hugo hug. The Claudia-Fargo chemistry is palpable and they could be their own crime-fighting duo. Almost. We're the two biggest techno-brains in the Dakotas and we're getting our asses kicked by Colossus. They more than make up for that with the light saber, though. I so want one. Poor sad Fargo after Claudia breaks off their kiss: 'This is why Jedis turn to the dark side.'

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