Heroes Season 4, Episode 16 Review: 'Pass/Fail' - The World Versus Hiro - Featured

Last night's episode of Heroes shed light on the morality of Hiro's past decisions, among other things.

Using Hiro's worsening condition, the show gave us a glimpse of Hiro's time-altering adventures and reminded us of the long forgotten reason as to why Hiro started to use his powers in the first place.

In a nutshell, Hiro passed out and then woke up in a dinner where people from his past have come to judge him for willfully altering the timeline for personal gain...such as saving Charlie the waitress. Adam Monroe appeared as Hiro's prosecutor while Hiro's dad served as the judge. It was a nice way of bringing back all those dead characters but I can't really say the show cleverly pulled it off.

Hiro gave a pretty convincing argument, though, by reciting the opening dialogue of Quantum Leap, but he eventually decided to plead guilty to the charges brought against him just as he flat lines in real life. He then fought and killed Adam for his honor just before his mother appeared to heal him since it's not his time yet. And just like that, Hiro is no longer dying. How the hell did that happen? Was it a miracle? Or does that mean that it was all in Hiro's head? Your guess is as good as mine.

The other part of "Pass/Fail" focused on several love stories. Samuel tried to win Vanessa's heart by showing her perfect dream house only to lose her again, while Sylar played match maker to Claire and Gretchen after sharing a very awkward kiss with Claire and talking about their formative similarities.

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