Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman Hit Breaking Point on Interview

First it was Kate, then after a few more alleged females here comes the deterioration of Jon Gosselin's relationship with girlfriend Hailey Glassman. On their ET Online interview with Mary Hart, the story unfolded and it looks like it's over between these two. For real.

The sneak peek of the interview showed that Jon Gosselin initially hesitated to speak out, but he finally decided to sit beside Hailey and go on with it. The host asks the couple blatantly, "You're going to end the relationship now, at least for a while?"

Jon replied, but left the option to Glassman. He said, "We're going to take a break and decide. We'll let Hailey decide on what she wants to do. My life is so hectic right now and I have to concentrate on my own decisions."

He certainly needs to focus on this decision, which definitely affects him and even his estranged wife Kate Gosselin. But right now, it's Hailey who has a problem leaving Jon because of what he does every time she tries.

"It's hard, because when I do [try to leave], he comes to me and he cries," Hailey divulged. "As hard as it is for us, he needs to go handle his stuff, be with his family and handle his divorce, and I need to go and be a 22-year-old and get my life back."

Jon seemed choked up by his girlfriend's statement, but he accepted it and told Mary Hart that with that, he'll try to move on. "I have to let her go in order for her to be happy. If she thinks I've been emotionally abusing her, I cannot live with that guilt."

But words aren't enough for Hailey, and the two of them get really emotional. Being in the public eye is a huge strain in their relationship, and this causes the Jon & Kate plus 8 patriarch to just storm out.

"I'm not talking anymore," he said. Hailey brings up the topic of his kids, leading Jon to leave the room. You can catch the clip below.

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