Recap: "Help Me Rhonda"

In this episode, Ethan has an eye-opening experience after his car crash, Ty's parents try to take control of Adrianna's pregnancy, and Silver finally manages to express her love for Dixon in her own way.

Things pick up right where we left off after Ethan's car accident. He comes out unscathed, but the other driver, Rhonda, punctures a lung and has to stay in the hospital. Ethan's guilt gets the best of him, and he goes to apologize to Rhonda. She accepts, but when Ethan asks her what school she goes to, her face drops. Not only does she go to West Beverly, but she's in Ethan's French class. She calls him out for living in a bubble where he only associates with the popular kids, and Ethan feels horrible.

Adrianna breaks the news to Ty that he's the father of her unborn baby, but she is unable to tell her mom. Ty later apologizes for his negative reaction to the news and says he's ready to take responsibility. He even told his parents, who are more than eager to help Adrianna through this. Mrs. Collins takes Adrianna to the gyno for her first ultrasound and an amnio (which Mrs. Collins insists she gets to make sure the baby is healthy). Afterwards, she gives Ade a boatload of paperwork that details how she'll pay for Ade to go to a place called Peaceful Vistas in New Mexico to have her baby once she starts to show as long as she follows the contract she drafted up, that is. One of the stipulations: putting the baby up for adoption.

Meanwhile, Dixon and Navid decide the only way to get over their exes is to get new girls. Navid is reluctant that he'll be able to get another one, even though he has his trusty book, The Credo, for reference. Christina tells them to stop by her friend's party to meet some ladies.

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