'Bachelor Pad' Recap: Couples Counciling

Last night on a special Labor Day edition of Bachelor Pad: Silly carnival games, sexual manipulation, gratuitous and ineffectual strategizing and about 600 mentions of "love" between the dysfunctional remaining couples. Just like every night on Bachelor Pad! God Bless America.

But you still want to know all the ridiculous minutiae. Which is why you will read on:

All the Single Ladies ...

The week starts out with a purge: Chris Harrison announces that the time has come to knock out three of the women to even the male-female numbers in the house. (By the way, Chris's logic that they started with more women than men because there have been more seasons of The Bachelor than The Bachelorette? HOGWASH. More women means more drama and more crying. You may be able to play these human fiddles on your show like fools, Harrison, but you can't fool me.)

Anyway: How will the Bachelor Pad-ders determine who stays and who goes? With a rousing (but not arousing) game of Spin the Bottle. And the 2010 Juvenile Olympics continue! What's next, playing with blocks and learning the ABCs? (Actually, I think Jesse B. could benefit from those lessons.)

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