The Two Gossip Girl Couples We Haven't Seen

We were thinking it would be fun to poll Gossip Girl fans on which hookup they would most like to see among the characters that the CW series has not already done.

Then we thought about it some more and realized there are only two (not counting Dan-Jenny and excluding Eric, for obvious reasons) such combinations remaining:

* Chuck and Serena

* Dan and Blair

Yup, they've tried everything else. Nate? He's obviously slept his way through the UES. But Vanessa has even gotten with the three dudes at one point or another.

Would anyone want to see these two couples, though? Even just once? Chair is sort of the bedrock of the show, and Dan and Serena have a lot of fan support, too.

Mix them up and you'd have crazy scandal ... maybe that would stop Gossip Girl. Or it'd be just what the producers want. Remember Jenny and Chuck? Just saying.

Thoughts? We're sure you have them. Comment and vote below ...

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Feb 25, 2016 8:31PM EST

Uhhhh.... maybe. My mom thinks that they are going to put Dan and Blair together, but i think she would never fall for it. SPOILER ALERT!!! I heard that Blair will forgive Chuck for what he did to her with Jenny. She says him getting shot is a good enough punishment.

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