'Deadliest Catch' season finale Recap: A happy ending

The 2010 Opi season is over. We, the viewers, share the crews overriding sentiment: Thank god. I wouldn't trade the experience of watching these final episodes for anything (unless it meant the event that set them in motion, Phil's stroke, wouldn't have happened), but it's been a workout. I thought I'd finally made it through an hour without tearing up, but the final shot got me: Seagulls, which are said to be the images of sailors gone, chillin on the Cornelia Marie. Initially, part of me wished it had just been one seagull, but then I realized Phil would, of course, be surrounded by friends, and it became comforting. Especially with Josh in the wheelhouse. (Anyone else's stomach sink when the camera jerked to the left earlier in the episode as Josh worked on deck to reveal the relief skipper in Phil's window above him? If that got to us - as did seeing Josh standing in Phil's room onboard - just imagine what it was like for him.)

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