'Brothers & Sisters': A wedding postponed, Kitty to Boston?

On "Brothers & Sisters," Kitty is faced with two treatment options and Justin & Rebecca consider postponing the wedding.

Kitty, Robert, Nora & Wedding Dresses

Kitty has Stage 3 lymphoma and there are two options for treatment: the regular treatment there in California and a new clinical trial in Boston. Rebecca has enlisted Kitty to help her pick out a wedding dress and is using that as a distraction from choosing which treatment to use.

At the dress shopping, the salesgirl says that everything looks good on Rebecca. As someone who wants desperately to hate Emily VanCamp because she's so beautiful... I agree.

Nora wages a bit of war on Robert because they disagree about which treatment she should choose (Nora wants Cali, Robert says Boston) and says that he won't be there for Kitty if she's in Boston because he's never put her first. When she finds out Robert "made a call" to get Kitty into the clinical trial in Boston, Nora goes ballistic and a big fight ensues, which Kitty has to stop. Way to make the cancer patient feel worse, Walkers.

Later, Robert makes up with Nora because they have to be together on this and Justin & Rebecca decide to postpone the wedding because it wouldn't be much of a celebration if everyone's worried about Kitty.

Kitty ends up choosing chemo and California and tells Robert that they should stay at Nora's during her treatments so that someone can cook for them and take care of Evan for them if they need it. Robert is totally agreeable and supportive, it's nice to see.

Kevin & Scotty

Kevin meets with the incumbent governor's PR guy who spills the beans about Kitty's cancer and how they won't use it against Robert. Kevin didn't know and storms over to Kitty's house, where Matthew Rhys has a great eye-welling reaction shot when she confirms it. She decides she has to tell everyone so Nora stages a family dinner, where Kevin and Saul hilariously start crying before Kitty can spill the beans.

At the dinner, Kitty wants to talk to Kevin and Scotty about surrogacy and their baby and Kevin can't handle it. He and Scotty discuss it later and Scotty says, "Let's have a baby." The cancer made him realize how short life is blahblahblah seizethedaycakes. Kevin pushes it off.

Saul & Holly

Saul and Holly shop some cheap wine to add to their excess and sell as cheaper wine. An "old friend" of Ojai is there, Dennis York. He's the man Ryan met with last week and he outbids Holly and Saul at every turn. Turns out he was indicted for price-fixing years ago at a competitor's food company and William Walker was a key witness that sent him away for 5 years.

Holly agrees to meet with him so she can keep her enemies close but Saul goes instead. Dennis claims he has proprietary claims on Ojai and then says he's waging some "friendly competition."

Justin & Rebecca

Justin starts Gross Anatomy in med school and gets saddled with a 16 year-old prodigy. The 16 year-old freaks about the cadaver and Justin has to talk him down, citing that some boy-genius like him is going to find the cure for his sister's cancer. I think they'll work well together.

When Justin & Rebecca tell Kitty about postponing the wedding, she says no way. She needs something to look forward to and something to celebrate. Life can't stop because Kitty is sick. Rebecca then asks Kitty to be her Matron of Honor, which she was going to do anyway but it's even more special now.

There's a big family gathering at the end of the episode and Sarah shows up and Kitty's reaction of relief just kills me.

Thoughts & Tidbits

* Matthew Rhys just kills me. He managed to make me both cry and crack up in the span of 5 minutes.

* When does that little gross creepy puke Ryan get strung up for giving documents to Dennis York? I am beyond ready for THAT.

* I love the final scene of the episode, it was vintage "Brothers & Sisters."

* Okay, so: Rachel Griffiths and Balthazar Getty's absences were MUCHO conspicuous this episode in particular. Edited to add: GLAD to see Rachel back at the end of the episode because it seemed weird without her.

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