'America's Next Top Model' - 'America's Next Top Vampire' Recap Episode 4

This week on 'America's Next Top Model,' Tyra banks decided to continue trying to be current by realizing that people like vampires. At least it was a step more current than her MySpace parody in the first episode. It makes me wonder if people will find bloody vampires as controversial as the dead model photoshoot in Cycle Eight, or is there a double standard with vampires?

Speaking of vampires, Tyra continues to suck the souls of her contestants. This week, Brenda was forced to change her hair yet again. Instead of soccer mom, Brenda's sides were buzzed to give her more of a faux-hawk look.

Miss Jay introduces the girls to the Upright Citizens Brigade. Instead of actually teaching the girls about improv, they force the contestants to watch a bit of a man angrily changing a diaper. If you've ever seen a father at three in the morning angry for being woken up, that's nothing new. The contestants then try improv and on the whole, were unsuccessful. The challenge reminded me of Cycle Seven when Melrose "boxed" and CariDee drunkenly tried to hide.

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