'Brothers & Sisters': Sarah has some Luc in France

The Other night on "Brothers & Sisters," Sarah gets lucky in love in France and brings home Gilles Marini! Thousands swoon.

Kitty's Chemo

Nora is over-preparing for Kitty's first chemo and Kitty has to break it to her that Sarah is her chemo buddy that day. Nora is obviously hurt not to be going along for the first time. Awwww. Sally Field says so much with her facial expressions.

Sarah more than fills in as the mother hen at Kitty's treatment. She regales Kitty with tales of the man she met in France and we fade to flashback. The flashbacks continue when they're at home too. Later Nora comes to see Kitty and Nora says she wishes it was her who had cancer. Kitty explains that that's why Nora can't be her chemo buddy, because they get too emotional about it. And then they both cry and I cry and everybody cries. Damn you, Sally Field. Damn you.

Sarah in France

Sarah's France buddy (hoo boy, does Rachel Griffiths have pregnancy boobs) is played by Luc (Gilles Marini). Woo woo. She got lost in the French countryside and met a handsome farmer who was all sweaty and greasy and yummy. He sketches her while on a picnic. It's all very frou-frou and sexy and whatnot. It's not making MY panties burst into flames, but I can see how someone could be susceptible.

On the last day of vacation, Sarah takes a walk and sees her new hot Frog fighting and then kissing some skinny young girl. But then... Kitty calls Sarah on her BS of telling Kitty the plot of some French movie their mom used to watch when they were little. (That apparently ended in a menage a trois? Why Nora Walker, I do declare!)

Except at the end, we see Sarah gazing at the picture Gilles sketched of her and we flashback to instead of Luc kissing some girl, Sarah leaving him because she gets the call about Kitty having cancer. Awww. But then he shows up at her door! YAYAYAYAY!

Robert's Campaign

The polls are not good, thinking him running while his wife has cancer is callous and unfeeling. Kevin wants Kitty to make a statement to reassure them and Robert says no. Kevin calls him on sabotaging the campaign on purpose.

Kitty confronts Kevin about the campaign failing and he tells her what's going on. Kevin says all he wants is to be with Kitty and Kitty yells at him that if Robert quits and she doesn't survive, then what? Kevin doesn't want to face that and neither does Robert. So Kitty and Kevin stage an interview with Kitty without telling Robert and he's sort-of mad but mostly just touched.

Wedding Plans

Holly, Nora and Rebecca go looking for wedding locations and the first place they look at is being used as a porno shoot location. Heh heh. Holly keeps taking calls from Ojai about business things and Rebecca gets all snotty with her. Nora gets caught in the middle. I see both sides. Holly's distracted and could be paying more attention, but Rebecca goes from zero to bitchy in like 3 seconds.

They make up at a big wooden hunting lodge place and try to figure out the best place for her and Justin to get married. They decide on a wedding in Hawaii because Rebecca used to play make-believe desert island when she was little.

Justin in Med School

Justin goes to an oncology specialist and says he'll work for free just to work for her research team but his lab partner requests a switch in partners because Justin is late all the time. The Gross Anatomy prof wants to talk to Justin and he knows right away that Justin has a family member diagnosed with cancer, it explains his academic fire and interest in oncology.

The prof tells him that taking on so much in his first year is the wrong way to go about helping his sister. He then says that Justin is a perfect partner for nerdy Doogie Houser because Justin has so much real-life experience and Doogie has so little experience in any aspect of life.

Ojai Foods

Holly wants to generate new revenue with this cheap wine idea and Saul is a big ol' snob about it. As a girl who never met a red wine she didn't like, I'm with Holly. Do I like the good stuff? Of course I do. My favorite Zin ever retails around $150/bottle. But will I buy a $10 bottle of wine that has a cute label? Abso-damn-lutely.

Edited to add: as alert commenter mkzj pointed out, Tommy sent flowers and a note. It was such a throwaway line that I forgot to include it in my recap. Just kill Tommy off already, it's too glaringly ridiculous to have him gone.

Thoughts & Tidbits

* They don't need to do much to Calista Flockhart to make her look sickly. Just sayin'.

* Nora: The idea of the Walkers in the same room as five tiers of hot molten chocolate is pretty terrifying.

* Kitty: When I'm better, we're going to France.

Robert: ...wherever you want.

* Justin: I'm sure when you were a little girl you used to have plans about your wedding. Kitty and Sarah used to play bride all the time. So did Kevin.

* [Kitty steals Kevin's beer]

Kevin: Are you allowed to have that?

Kitty: Mmm, that blog was right. Chemo definitely makes the beer taste better.

Kevin: Could I... ?

Kitty: Get your own, I have cancer.

Kevin: Wow.

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