'In Plain Sight' - 'Father Goes West' Recap (Season Premiere)

As originally planned, this season opener of 'In Plain Sight' was supposed to have run last season, but when Mary was shot and left clinging to life, USA Network and all the other brainiacs involved with the show decided to give us a cliffhanger. Not that there was ever really any doubt that Mary would survive, because without Mary in the middle, there's really no show.

Nevertheless, it was refreshing to see the new season kick off with Mary not clinging to life, but instead being the world's worst patient. More on her return to active duty and Marshall's green cashmere scarf and cheese danish theories after the jump.

There were some major elements to deal with post-shooting for both Mary and Marshall. For Mary, the frustration of not remembering her assailant was like an itch she couldn't scratch. As a character who has a memory that's crystal clear about all kinds of details of her life, she couldn't accept the fact that she was too traumatized by the incident to recall the face of the man who pulled the trigger.

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