Covert Affairs: "South Bound Suarez" Review Episode 3

Like many of USA Network's original programs, Covert Affairs requires a bit of suspension of disbelief. In reality, the CIA is not going to send an operative who hasn't completed her training out into the field, regardless of how hot she is. So I have to give them credit for acknowledging this fact a few times during the episode. I also have to commend them for focusing more on Annie and her mission this week and less on the supporting cast who have yet to be given anything interesting to do. She's the main character, so it makes sense that she get the most screen-time. Folks, I'm trying to point out the positives of this show because there aren't that many. The characters are paper-thin and it lacks any point of view to separate it from the myriad run-of-the-mill CIA/FBI/cop shows out there. As I've said before, I really want to like Covert Affairs because the premise has a lot going for it. But I'll honest, after three episodes, they've really dropped the ball.

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