Legend of the Seeker Season 2, Episode 17: "Vengeance" Review

As Richard and company get back on task with the quest to find the Stone of Tears, a mysterious stranger interrupts them, claiming to have information they need. Meanwhile, Zedd and his brother are off on a mission of their own to avenge the death of their father. It turns out these two storylines are not as separate as they first appear.

Guest starring as Horace, an old scholar with information that Richard needs, is John Rhys-Davies of Raiders of the Lost Ark and Lord of the Rings fame. It is another instance of Legend of the Seeker casting a surprisingly high-profile name in Season 2, and it works very well here. Rhys-Davies brings a somberness to the role that is needed to convey that Panis Rahl is being truthful that he is sorry and has been seeking to atone for his misdeeds. His interactions with Richard are tinged with sadness as he finally is able to speak with the son who doesn't know him at all.

The flashbacks give the audience a great deal of information and insight into the past of Zedd's family and the Rahl family. The actors playing the young versions of the main characters are very believable and I particularly like Gabriel Mann as the young Zedd. He played the role of young Zedd in the episode "Wizard", but this time Mann is able to portray the real version of the character, rather than one that is under a spell, and it works much better.

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