'Bones': Booth, Brennan, Cyndi Lauper, and a long-awaited "I love you"

Tonight's season premiere of "Bones" on Fox really gave Booth and Brennan fans something to squee about. Could it be that they're sucking up to us after that ridiculous season finale? If so, I'll happily take it.

Fair readers, I'm going to begin with a warning: I may or may not turn into a gushing thirteen-year-old fangirl in the course of this recap. Perhaps I resemble a jaded recapper, but I'm secretly a romantic at heart. Shhhh. I'll try my best to keep it in check for the sake of those of you who are made of stone.

The Case:

Let's keep it brief, since the case was hardly the point of this episode. Angela's psychic, played by the fabulous Cyndi Lauper, divines that there are bodies buried under a fountain. She's right - the bodies were dumped down a construction shaft ten years ago during a renovation. Turns out they're all members of a cult led by a man who took their money in exchange for a promised life in an underwater paradise.

Cyndi's sister is one of the victims, but Cyndi was kicked out of the cult for seeing an outside doctor, probably because the cult doctor and leader were poisoning the members with sweet, undetectable antifreeze. See, people? This is why we need to add a bittering agent!

When Cyndi warns Booth that Brennan is in danger, he finds her just in time to shoot the cult doctor, who was shredding medical files when Brennan arrived to question him, and attacked her with a scalpel. Angela locates the former cult leader, who's moved on to preying on the elderly. Though they aren't able to prove murder, Caroline arrests him for his many other lesser offenses, which add up to a lifetime behind bars. Huzzah, and on to the juicy stuff.

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