Recap Drop Dead Diva: Season 1, Episode 13 - Grayson�s Anatomy

A romantic dream sequence involving Jane and Grayson is nothing out of the ordinary except when Grayson's the dreamer. And when Tony asks Jane to spend the weekend in Napa, she finds herself unsure of herself in Jane's body and unwilling to move on from Grayson when she finds out about his dreams from Stacy. She has her own dream, featuring Judge Paula Abdul, that pits Grayson against Tony in a competition for her heart. There's even a talent portion! But she wakes up before Paula decides her fate.

Meanwhile, the entire firm is on edge because Parker came in wearing red suspenders. What does this mean? Tradition says that when Parker wears red suspenders, he's pondering a big announcement. In this case, it's who to name as the new partner, so everyone's bringing their A game.

Grayson ends up taking a case Jane had to give up: a lingerie model friend of Stacy's, Lina, is fired after she publicizes her history of breast cancer. Stacy gets the impression that she can be 'second stool', and insists on clapping and hissing during the trial. She turns out to be useful, by prompting Grayson to have Lina model lingerie in court, in a strike back at anyone who says her cancer affects her ability to do her job. I'm not really sure Grayson would've agreed to such a stunt, but hey, it worked!

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