Dexter: "Lost Boys" Review Season 4, Episode 10

"I promise no one's ever going to hurt you again." Dexter's gotten really good with the soft close. It used to be that I longed for jarring cliffhangers, but now I love it when we get a poignant line and a somber reflection upon the episodes events. Granted I wasn't a huge fan of the ending to "Road Kill" a few weeks back when Dexter (Michael C. Hall) mused, quite underwhelmingly, that because he felt remorse he might, in fact, be human. This time around, in "Lost Boys," his line to his baby boy, Harrison, was sweet, yet haunting. Dexter's been slowly figuring out that there's no way to live his murderous life without causing damage. If anything now, Trinity's (John Lithgow) been teaching him that he needs to find a new way to live, if not even to entertain the notion of giving up his need to shed blood all together. While speaking to his boy, Dexter projects himself onto his feverish baby. Sure, the baby just went through four booster shots, but the "never hurt you again" line was aimed at young Dexter.

In the same manner that Trinity tries to preserve his own innocence by burying a 10 year old boy (a surrogate Arthur), in cement, Dexter too is slightly guilty of creating a surrogate Dexter. But Dexter realizes that his redemption will come through his love and protection of his family - not in their abuse and betrayal. He even realizes that, by having Cody stand up for him and get into a fight at school, he's roped his family into his world of deception and lies. That he's used them as filters. By seeing all of Trinity's atrocities up close, we've finally been given a Dexter who's no longer fascinated by the art and craft of serial killing. It's almost as if he finally sees the havoc it can wreak. Long gone are the days of a Dexter who morbidly obsessed over the beauty of an Ice Truck Killer crime scene. "Your priorities have changed," Harry (James Remar) finally realizes - which, in turn, Dexter finally realizes. Now that Dexter can see Trinity for the monster that he truly is, he's learning to hate all the ways that the two of them are similar. It's a fascinating through-line and it's one that lead Dexter into his most heroic episode yet.

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