'Breaking Bad' season finale review: 'We had a good run, but it's over' Season 3, Episode 13

Its not often that Breaking Bad does flashbacks, so when it does - particularly as one of its always-crucial pre-credits sequences - we'd best pay close attention. Thus when last night's season finale, entitled Full Measure, commenced with a scene of younger Walt and a pregnant-with-Walter-Jr. Skyler walking with a real-estate agent through the house-with-a-pool that would become their home-with-nightmares, fresh insight into these characters was gleaned. We saw that, even before he was diagnosed with cancer and started making meth to pay his future bills, Walter White was something of a dreamer, a suppressed risk-taker. Skyler loved the three-bedroom house, but Walt thought it was too small. Set our sights higher, he urged Skyler. Why be cautious? We've got nowhere to go but up. Big talk from a little chemistry teacher.

It turns out, that Walt - a Walt with hair and an open smile - was right. He went up in a couple of ways: Increased his income (upping his chemistry-teacher salary by supplementing it with meth profits), increased his engagement with life (the overarching, entire-series irony of Breaking Bad is that Walt was a deadened soul until he got his wake-up cancer call, and came fully alive when he started doing things that can and do cause misery and death all around him).

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