Julie Chen blogs 'Big Brother' episode 3

A lot of tears inside the house this week.

One of the misfortunes of winning a cash prize during the first week of a competition-based reality series is that you give your fellow players a reason to eliminate you - and I believe that’s what happened when Monet snagged the $10,000 prize during the first challenge. Whether or not that was the sole deciding factor for the House’s vote of 7-2 to eliminate Monet is uncertain, but it clearly gave Rachel and her fellow Housemates an excuse to hang their hat on.

I spoke with Monet after last night’s show and she’s in pretty good spirits despite the elimination. I think walking away with the $10,000 prize in hand definitely eases the pain. She did touch on how emotionally draining this past week has been for her and her trusted ally Britney. She also emphatically stated that she has no regrets for the trash talking seminars she and Britney held in the backyard. Those are two ladies I would never want to tick off.

I asked Monet if she had any parting advice for Britney and I was genuinely surprised by her answer. She suggested that Britney’s lifespan inside the house could be extended if she were able to team up with their rival, Rachel. A surprising but intriguing strategy if Britney could pull it off.

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