Interview: Seth Levine of 'Hell's Kitchen'

No matter what you think of Seth Levine, there's no doubt that from the beginning of season 5, this 27-year-old private party chef turned up the heat on Hell's Kitchen. After starting off on the wrong foot with Gordon Ramsay in the initial Signature Dish tasting, presenting what the Chef called "the worst dish" he had ever tasted, Seth continued to take the bulk of Ramsay's and the Blue Team's verbal abuse as he struggled on the line during dinner services, even earning him nickname "Forrest Gump." Where he lacked in skill, he compensated with strategy and self-confidence, and managed to escape elimination twice before getting the cut from Chef Ramsay.

We had a chance to talk to Seth this morning about what he thought of that nickname, why he knew so much about Ramsay's personal life, and how he felt about being the Blue Team's punching bag this season.

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