Recap: "Troubled Waters"

The waters were troubled for plenty of Walkers in this episode, but for viewers, the two-hour Brothers & Sisters movie event was probably just troubling. The episode - which saw Kitty and Robert's adopted baby born, Rebecca and Justin reunited, Tommy land in hotter water than he ever imagined, and Robert's campaign hitting several dire speed bumps - rarely dragged and delivered plenty of dramatic, emotional punches. But what about that mysterious death? Read on for your (probably unsatisfying) answers.

After kicking off with Nora running through the hospital halls to see one of her "family" being revived via crash cart, the episode backtracks to settle in at the Walker dinner table. Justin's hungry and avoiding talk of Rebecca, Sarah's bragging that Greenatopia's success is the reason for the rack of lamb, Tommy's insisting that Sarah's news is roast chicken-worthy at best, and Kitty and Robert are still fighting about her article being killed. Just before the lamb can be served, however, Robert tells the entire family of his plans to run for governor. "Keep a lid on it, Walkers," he warns, fearing of leaks to the press. Robert only has a moment to celebrate as Nora informs the group that she visited Ryan Lafferty. Thankfully, it didn't turn into a trademark dinner-ruining brawl.

Meanwhile, Holly seeks advice from her lawyer, who breaks the bad news to her that Tommy's deal to acquire Crawford Orchards has closed, and she has little leverage to seek litigation. On top of that, ex-boyfriend David (played by Ken Olin) strolls back into her life, thanks to Rebecca, who has drug her "deadbeat dad" back to California with her. Holly and David have a round about how their relationship ended (again), and he storms out. Rebecca explains why she left for New York, only to learn that Holly already knows the truth about Tommy and is doing her best to stop it.

And then, Kitty gets a call from Trish, the mother of the baby Kitty and Robert are adopting. Trish is in labor, setting off a game of Walker phone tag to let everyone know the baby is coming and to get all the necessary items to the hospital. Bad news is, Robert's plans to run for governor have leaked on the Internet, and he's forced to make the announcement immediately. (That's a headache!) Robert promises Kitty he will be there in time for the birth, and that the baby is his first priority. That puts Kitty at ease momentarily, since Trish is only dilated to three centimeters. But things only get worse when the incumbent gov' - a fellow Republican - storms into Robert's office to inform him she is planning to run for re-election. (Get that man some aspirin!) A nasty game of political "Who wears the pants?" ensues, ultimately ending with Robert threatening to play dirty if the governor doesn't back down. After all, he knows all about her affair, having counseled her through it.

The distraction gives Robert no time to talk to Kitty before his announcement, which is all sorts of bad, considering that Trish is suddenly fully dilated and ready to begin pushing. When Kitty looks for Robert in the waiting room, she instead sees him taking questions from the press. In her fury, she tells everyone that her marriage is "over," because politics will always be Robert's only priority. Nora urges Kitty not to miss her baby's birth just because Robert's not there - she needs to have her first moment with the baby.

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