Recap: "Stage Fright"

Why go on Fox's American Idol when you could become a pop singer overnight by simply volunteering to work at Adelle DeWitt's Dollhouse? That's what happened to Echo in this week's episode when she's imprinted with the personality of Jordan, a wannabe from Southie who wins a recently vacated backup singer position with pop celebrity Rayna Russell, an ungodly fusion of Beyonce, Shakira and Katy Perry with Aisha Tyler's face. Little does Jordan know she's also been charged with the task of being Kevin Costner to Rayna's Whitney Houston.

Welcome back to's blog dedicated to Joss Whedon's Dollhouse. While you may have seen the show experienced a dip in ratings during its second week, I can't say the same for the blog. Members posted at a greater rate and I want you to continue posting your criticisms, praise, and theories. It's what we're all about.

So, without further ado...

You ask, "Dan, what's up with this Rayna? Why does she need a bodyguard?"

Wouldn't you hire protection if you saw your colleague burned by malfunctioning pyrotechnics that were clearly meant to harm you? Who wouldn't? Oh, right. Rayna.

That's why her manager Biz (Angel alum Jim Piddock) has come to the Dollhouse for a back door bodyguard, someone who can slip into the role of backup singer but take a bullet if she has to.

"And the Dollhouse? What's going on at that place? Still imprinting the young and beautiful?"

They certainly are. Thankfully however, we were given a break from the tech talk this week. Topher's lab was in short order. Let's talk about Topher for a second. He seems to be dividing the fans. The criticisms seem to be coming from people seeing him as a mixture of both Buffy's Xander and Andrew while not living up to either's likeability. Personally, I don't have much of an opinion on Topher yet. I think this is an instance where the character will be more tailor made to the actor as the show progresses.

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