Criminal Minds: Preview of Episode 5.14 "Parasite"

On tonight's episode of Criminal Minds, the team profiles a con artist - a Casanova conman to be exact - whose descent into mental illness is prompting him to kill people involved in his scams. Apparently, the person is too charming that women are just too willing to give him stuff. That can't be a good sign.

On the last episode of Criminal Minds, meanwhile, "plain good kids" committing suicide simultaneously on a Friday night in a small Wyoming town caught JJ's (AJ Cook) attention. So even if they don't normally handle suicide, something more seemed afoot.

True enough, it didn't take long for the BAU to figure out that the kids were on a choking game website the night they died, something called the good kids' high, where kids choke themselves to get high without need for drugs. And not only that. Someone was behind the whole thing, "daring" the kids to do it.

So they headed over to get the kids educated about the whole it's such a lame game thing, which eventually led them to a cyber genius glam kid with harsh childhood (dead mom, moved around a lot). Things got intense when Friday came when kids started uploading their vids.

As it turned out, it's not Christopher at all, but his fire-fighter and sadistic dad who's behind the site. On the plane back, JJ told Hotch that her sister committed suicide when they were young. Additionally, she told him that while it's never easy, it gets better.

Catch Criminal Minds tonight on CBS.

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