Leverage: "The Maltese Falcon Job" Review Season 2, Episode 15

As silly and inconsequential as Leverage can feel at times, it sure can deliver on great season finales. "The Maltese Falcon Job" was pretty great from start to finish and contained some really good dramatic moments as well as much needed scenes of unapologetic bad-assery. Of course, really strong episodes like this sometimes serve to create a bell-curve for the show - and that tends to make the lighter, filler-episodes feel slight and annoyingly breezy. This finale is on par with Season 1's "The Second David Job", complete with a great set-up story for the next season.

One of the problems that Leverage had this season was their immediate inability to follow up the Season 1 finale. The Season 2 premiere, "The Beantown Bailout Job" did not bring Team Leverage back together in a statisfactory manner considering the great and emotional way they were all forced to go their separate ways in the finale. All I can do is hope that the Season 3 premiere will be able to capitalize on the great, somewhat disturbing ending to "The Maltese Falcon Job." - with Nate (Timothy Hutton), essentially, sacrificing himself for the team to Sterling (Mark Sheppard), who even seemed to not want to arrest Nate after all. Considering the fact that Sterling offered Nate a deal lets me know that, as much of a heel as Sterling is, he still has an underlying sympathy for Nate. "He's no one," Sterling tried to say to the FBI right at the end, almost feel too horrible about Nate's bleeding abdomen and self-sacrifice to turn him into his first successful Interpol case. "My name is Nathan Ford and I am a theif," Nate cried out, with a sick smile on his face. It was a just a great way to end the season. And who knows? Maybe Sterling would have let that helicopter take off and also let Nate go free – but Nate was too dead set on turning himself in as a form of repentance. Perhaps he felt that the only people that could really stop him from self-destructing was the FBI.

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