Recap: "Someone to Watch Over Me"

Our girl Galactica is still falling apart and, so it seems, is everyone on board her. Starbuck searches for her identity and meets a new friend, while Chief begs for Boomer's life to be spared after the quorum decides to try her for treason.

Starbuck's Story

Things are looking mighty dire on Galactica. In the first moments of this episode, we see an ancient-looking, beat-up piano being played by someone on the ship. The music is haunting and sets the scene for a montage of sadness. Kara dresses, showers, and addresses her diminished flight crew on their mission. It's the same mission week after week: They must search the galaxy for a place to settle, and whoever is successful earns the last tube of Tauron toothpaste. How sad is that?

Kara visits Anders, who has brain activity and whose eyes are open, but is still unresponsive. Doc tells her to move on with her life, and if there's any change in his condition, she'll be the first to know. She drowns her sorrows at the ship pub - or at least she tries to. The mystery man at the piano is really pissing her off. He says he's composing a song but he's having a rough time. He's just trying to add some beauty to an ugly situation. Kara tells him maybe he should learn how to play the damn piano first. He then launches into a pretty song that clearly demonstrates he knows what he's doing.

Later, Kara goes to Helo's quarters. He tell her that he bartered to get all of Kara's belongings back (since they were auctioned off after she was presumed dead). All she wants is a cassette tape. It's a guy playing a piano named Deilide Thrace. I assume that's dear old dad.

Back with the pianist, Kara decides to be a bit nicer this time around. She says she likes the song more now. They have a nice chat about the meaning of the song. Later, Starbuck gets even cozier with the dude, and shows off her knowledge of classical music. Who knew? She admits her dad used to play, and that she loved to watch him and hear him play. We get a flashback of Starbuck as a girl being taught how to play by her father (who we don't see).

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