Life Unexpected: Preview of Episode 6 "Truth Unrevealed"

Life Unexpected creator Liz Tigelaar promises that "Truth Unrevealed" is a special episode where a lot of things "come to a head" - which is a treat, seeing that most Life Unexpected viewers and critics alike have grown tired of the whole formula of Lux (Brittany Robertson) doing something stupid, only to be topped by Cate (Shiri Appleby) doing something stupid for a mother, then the two reconciling. Sometimes, replace Cate with Baze (Kristoffer Polaha) and you get the show's first five episodes.

On "Truth Unrevealed" because Portland is going crazy about the men in Cate's life, Baze has to join the two as a guest on their morning show. He needs to clarify things, says corporate. You know things are intense when busy execs fly in from Chicago to make sure things are OK. "Big trouble" however results from this, as is often the case.

As for Lux, she is worried about her boyfriend (Bug, who stole quarterback Jones' car in the last episode), so she asks Jones to not press charges against him. We already know that Jones is a love interest for Lux, so we'll certainly be watching this for future developments. And more of Baze's friends!

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