Smallville Season 9, Episode 16 Recap: "Checkmate"

The episode opens with the White Queen, or Agent Waller, surveying her next target: The knight chess piece is taken out, signaling Tess to be the victim. Or is she? Tess eludes two Checkmate players with an elaborate escape plan, but it's all a ruse. She was just trying to get the Green Arrow's attention to lure him out. Mission accomplished, Arrow is taken out, but not before Ollie makes a snide comment about wearing black on black. More on that later.

Back at Watchtower, Chloe worries because Ollie hasn't checked in. Clark thinks he's fine, but she chides him for not following protocol. "You spend so much time watching everybody else's back, you forget we need to watch each other's backs too," she says.

Suddenly the missing security feed from where Ollie was last seen appears and John Jones is on the scene. Clark super speeds over, but much to his chagrin, John is not planning on working with him. He takes off after Clark suspiciously scans his jacket, seeing an ear piece in his pocket.

Elsewhere, while Ollie is being transported back to Checkmate, Tess tries to get a look under his hood, but Waller interrupts via video feed saying she doesn't have clearance for that information. After she exits, Waller tells Ollie that he's being recruited by the government in the coming war. As soon as she's MIA, Ollie makes a clean escape.

John Jones approaches one of Ollie's kidnappers and tries to get him to come clean on the location of Checkmate. After trying to shoot John, the man seems to want to comply, but he is poisoned (from the inside?) and lies dying in the alley. Before he kicks it, John reads his memory and learns the location of Checkmate.

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