THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER ''Up All Night'' Review Season 3, Episode 13

The thirteenth episode of THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER, Up All Night picked up where it left off, in the Juergens’ family kitchen with Ricky and Amy. They talk about Ricky having or not having sex with or without her and then they kiss.

Adrian asks Ben to chill out with her for the night, then talks about sex, then Ben leaves. Alice and Henry have sex without repercussions but that is because they are with each other For Life. They scare Ben, who eventually confesses that he gave Adrian a ring. Alice and Henry, being deductive, think perhaps Ben and Adrian-wait for it-may care for each other. Thank the lord and creator Brenda Hampton (via Jane Lynch’s Emmy acceptance speech) for making this clear.

Madison and Lauren talk. Neither of them chokes to death on their tongue, so I am pretty uninterested.

Grace is staying in the guest house with Tom, who delightfully tries to gouge twenty dollars out of her for information. I momentarily forget that this show is horrific.

Grant eavesdrops on Jack to listen to his whining about Grace and Madison. Grace calls Grant who calls her back and she promises to leave the guest house so she will not speak with Jack, easing his...dominance over her? Showcasing his lack of trust in her? Whoop whoop.

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