Joey Lawrence Talks About MELISSA & JOEY and Some Future Projects

ABC Family has a hit on its hands with the new MELISSA & JOEY, and no one seems happier about that than the stars themselves. Joey Lawrence recently talked to the press about Melissa & Joey, his character Joe Longo, some of his future projects, and why he thinks he`s been so successful.

On getting Melissa & Joey on the air and the response so far

When shooting My Fake Fiancé, Joey said that it was clear to everyone involved that there was something special there–he and Melissa had that intangible chemistry and comic timing that led to the idea of a longer-term project. With the resurgence of comedies on CBS and the fact that everyone involved was already a fan of the classic 80s and 90s shows like Mad About You or Who’s the Boss, it seemed like a good time to try a sitcom. Joe said he really wanted to do a romantic comedy because there wasn’t one on the air and that the show developed from there.

When asked about what it’s like being an executive producer, Joey immediately and happily said, “Great. I can’t be fired.” He continued that he liked having more creative control and not simply being an actor at will. When asked how involved he was in the kids’ storylines and keeping them role models, Joey explained that Melissa & Joey is geared toward teens and up, not eight year olds and that while they try to handle stories responsibly, they aren’t going to sugar coat everything. “This isn’t the Disney Channel.” He elaborated that he hoped people would come away from an episode knowing what should have happened, even if the kids (or Joey and Melissa) didn’t do quite the right thing–that they would know a lesson was learned for a future episode.

Joey described the audience response so far as great, crediting the fan bases both he and Melissa have developed both from when their shows originally aired and the re-runs that attracted younger viewers. He said he considers himself blessed with great fans who have followed him and who now fit into the advertising-attractive 18-49 demographic.

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