5 Ways The Jersey Shore is Just Like Final Fantasy

It's an indisputable fact that the two most important entertainment properties in the world are Final Fantasy and The Jersey Shore. The former is a long-running Japanese role-playing game series published by Square-Enix. The latter is an upstart reality show about a group of lovable ragamuffins who live in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. After just a few episodes, those crazy Jersey Shore kids have become America's sweethearts.

On the surface, it seems like the two have nothing in common. The people of the Final Fantasy universe are mainly concerned with fighting evil and saving the world, while the people of The Jersey Shore spend most of their time trying to avoid puking on each other. But after extensive research on the part of the IGN Center For Games And Television and Culture and Studies, we've found that the two beloved series are near mirror images of one another.

Remember when that annoying kid who sat next to you in history class would never shut up about the connections between Abraham Lincoln and Marilyn Monroe? Well, this is far more important than that. Who were those people, anyway? They certainly didn't have shows on MTV, and they don't show up in any videogames.

Here, for the first time, we proudly present the results of a massive, minutes-long study that spanned the length of an entire section of the IGN offices. We think you'll find the resemblance between the Final Fantasy universe and The Jersey Shore cast nothing short of uncanny.

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