'The Biggest Loser' Review: 26.2 Miles To The End... Almost Season 8 Episode 13

You know the feeling that, after dedicating yourself to a certain cause for a really long time, you see that the end is nigh and you start pushing yourself one last time to get to the finish line? That's always been the feeling you get on The Biggest Loser's second to the last week. Imagine: four contestants remaining--Amanda, Danny, Liz and Rudy--and a couple more weigh-ins to go before one of them wins a quarter of a million dollars. But, of course, they've won just by losing their weight.

This week's episode--an extra-sentimental one, I must say, since we get to see how the contestants were at the beginning, and compare it to today--began with the four remaining contestants going home to reunite with family and friends. 60 days flat, to be precise. Apart from working out to lose more weight, each of them confronted the things that got them into health trouble in the first place. Danny, for one, talked about his yo-yo dieting habit, and vowed never to do it again. Rudy and Liz both confronted their emotional troubles: him with the death of his sister, her and the problems she encountered with her marriage.

Of course, that doesn't mean Bob and Jillian won't show up. They sent messages to each contestant (and gum for Amanda, the perfect example of ridiculous product placement) and later told them via phone that, upon their return to the ranch, they'll have to run a marathon--yep, all 26.2 miles of it. Curtis Stone went to Danny's house--it was, after all, his prize from last week--and cooked up some yummy-looking turkey chili and baked potatoes.

Bob and Jillian eventually paid the contestants a visit, and got an idea of how hard it is for them to juggle working out and spending time with their family. Yep, Rudy, it sucks wanting to go to the gym when your kid doesn't want you to; I know she misses you, but it's funny to think that your daughter is the only person getting in between you and your weight loss. Bob was surprised when he visited Amanda, who was with Erin--you remember her, from last season? When the two girls pleaded their cases to America for a chance to be part of this season? Subtle reminder that thanks to us, Amanda has come a long way. But the 60 days was soon over, and they had to return to the ranch, and run that marathon. Dropping by were season 7 finalists Tara Costa and Mike Morelli, and last season's winner, Helen Phillips. Rudy also got a special visitor: Alexandra, his ranch partner at the very beginning.

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