Human Target: "Pilot" Review Episode 1

Advance Review: FOX has a new show, and it's full of action, adventure, and saving the day from bad guys. If 24 and Jack Bauer don't do it for you, maybe you should check out former Fringe staffer Mark Valley in Human Target.

The story follows Christopher Chance, a unique kind of freelancer that gets hired when someone's targeted by especially resourceful baddies and the "normal" means of protection won't work. The series is based on a DC Comics graphic novel of the same name. It's not often that a graphic novel gets the chance to become a TV series, but it seems the transition just might work here. Mark Valley seems to be a perfect fit for the role, and the surrounding cast members around him are pretty good too.

The pilot episode has a fast-paced beginning, starting with a tense hostage situation that includes a SWAT team and a stressed out, bomb-strapped, disgruntled employee. But our hero solves the problem in classic, action man style, with a big slow motion explosion thrown in for good measure. It's all a tiny bit cliché, but not so bad that it takes away from the story.

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