Aqua Teen Hunger Force: "I Am a Pod" Review Season 7, Episode 7

After a pretty fun episode last week, ATHF unfortunately fails to deliver this week. It's sad, because I was starting to really think the season was on an upswing, but it seems it's going to continue to be up and down, like some sad roller coaster. This episode had a good premise: an entire story dedicated to the classic 1978 version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. It had so much potential, but it all goes mostly unfulfilled, and it might have been wasted on a target demographic that probably wasn't all that familiar with the film.

The episode begins right with our main story: Master Shake gets an iPod....but it's actually a box called iAmAPod, from Donald Sutherland industries. It's full of mysterious seeds, one of which grows into a pod guy...creature...thing (let's call him Poddy). Poddy is at first a personable guy, a real "bro". He takes a liking to Shake and even goes with him drinking. But Frylock soon discovers Poddy has some evil intentions.

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