'Men of a Certain Age' - 'How To Be An All-Star' Recap Episode 9

There's nothing particularly unique or extraordinary about the lives of Joe and Terry and Owen, the guys of 'Men of a Certain Age.' But the very fact that the situations and circumstances are normal makes how their characters react all the more interesting.

A lot happened in this episode, even though it wasn't big, dramatic stuff like you might expect. No, it was small moments, little things that didn't seem like much, but oh, what a blast in the storytelling. With the last episode of the season airing next week, this was one hell of a lead up to the big finish.

How hilarious was it watching the salesmen try to hustle the guy who wanted $22,500 and that's it for the sports car? He insulted Owen Senior about the 1972 season on the Lakers! See, the Internet is evil -- too much information, right in the palm of your hand! Later, memories of the '72 season influenced the old man's decision to cut back at the dealership.

He realized that he would have preferred healthy knees to heart when it came to the playoffs, but that didn't stop Dad from metaphorically breaking his son's knees by making Marcus top dog in the shop. Still, if Marcus had not referred to Owen as the 'water boy' on the crew, would Owen have walked over to Scarpulla Chevy looking for a new job? Doubt it.

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