HUGE ''Parents' Weekend Part 2'' Review Episode 10

Fun and games continue with the parents during the midseason finale “Parents’ Weekend Part 2″. This episode of HUGE leaves us with more questions than answers. Unlike the other episodes, there is an unfinished feeling to this one. It is probably done purposefully in anticipation of future new episodes, but I’m just left with the thought, “That’s it? That was the big summer finale?”

Amber and Will sneak into the dining hall and gorge on brownies, though Amber just chews and spits it out. George spies them sneaking back and later confronts Will, who completely has no respect for him and orders him not to tell her what to do. The next day Salty gives Will a look, expressing that he knows what she did.

Salty suddenly quits his job at the camp. He reveals to a very hurt Dr. Rand that he married again (the name Joyce tattooed on his arm), and that Dr. Rand has a troubled 15-years-old sister in need of help.

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