'Bones' Episode 7: Midget wrestling, phallic frustration, and the return of Gordon Gordon - Recap

When I first saw photos of Booth in a wrestling ring with a little person, I feared we were looking at a mistake the size of last season's circus episode. I've never been so happy to be wrong. This could be my favorite hour of Season 5. The midget wrestling was a little wacky, but it produced a classic Brennan moment as she realized the Iron Leprechaun they were watching be defeated by Bumble Bee Man was not the real Iron Leprechaun, whose body they'd found in a sink hole: Boo! That man is not The Iron Leprechaun! Boooo! Fake! Fake! Fraud! Look at his femur! she shouted. Also, I did laugh when Booth jumped in the ring to nab the impostor, who tried various wrestling moves on him that I could have identified when I was in the sixth grade and a Rock Roll Express fan. What do you expect me to do, he came at me like a rabid ferret, Booth said after flattening the suspect, raising his arms to celebrate, and being booed.

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