The Simpsons: "Greats Story Ever D'Ohed" Review

I think Sacha Baron Cohen is a pretty funny guy. When I heard he'd be doing a guest voice on The Simpsons, I was excited. I thought that would be a fantastic match. Of course, I thought the same thing when I heard Ricky Gervais was going to guest star. And Jack Black. And Seth Rogen. Unfortunately, none of those episodes lived up to what I thought the combination of guest actor and series would be. None of those episodes were outright failures, but the name recognition had raised my expectations. The same goes for "Greatest Story Ever D'ohed." My preconceived notions were let down by what was still a fairly decent episode.

The opening act was my favorite segment of this half hour. Looking back, I think this was due to the fact that it didn't involve exotic locales and swanky guest stars. It was just your standard (and funny) Homer-annoys-Ned neighborly affair. While Ned was trying to entertain his bible study group, Homer and the kids were within view enjoying a slip-and-slide in their backyard. It's these bits that I continue to enjoy because they are at the heart of what The Simpsons is: a family sitcom. So the bits with Homer at home frustrating his do-good neighbor will always be enjoyable, so long as the jokes remain funny. And the bits were quite enjoyable in "Greatest Story."

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