Who's Going Home?

Well that was disappointing. I don't know about you guys, but last night I felt like I was watching an entirely different group of dancers than last week. And in most cases, I don't mean that to be complimentary. While there were a few exceptions and exceptional dances -- most of the night left me feeling a wee bit underwhelmed. Or perhaps to be fair, most of the people who I thought would be impressing me left me unimpressed. While the underdogs and dancers I'd counted out (sorry Jonathan) showed me something special. Last night was a night where the underdogs ruled, and the top dogs, well, drooled. (Take that bad Lil C metaphors!)

Even though most of the dances left me wanting more, the judges have an incredibly tough decision to make tonight. While their performances may have been lackluster, at least in comparison to the near perfect premiere, the top 18 dancers are all pretty amazing and we want to see more from each of them. Who of you don't want to see Vitolio do something other than Broadway or Ballroom? Or get a peek at Jeanine and Phillip's next routine to see if this weeks traumatic tango was a harbinger of things to come or just a bad week.

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