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TV Graveyard: ABC - Featured

ABC has had a lot of casualties this TV season, starting with their triple-axing of Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Money. However, this is old news at this point, so instead we are focusing on all of ABC's more recent cancellations:

In the Motherhood - I'm not going to lie, I never even gave this Megan Mullally/Cheryl Hines comedy a shot, as it never struck me as all that funny. And apparently the viewers didn't embrace it either, as it flopped during its brief Thursday night stint. 4 episodes aired.

Cupid - Cancel me once, shame on you. Cancel me twice? Yeah, they never should have attempted to resurrect Cupid. It's permanent home was in the brilliant-but-canceled bin (as the version in 1999 headlined by Jeremy Piven meets this description). This version, although I agree there has been worse TV, was just a bad idea from the get-go. 6 episodes aired.

The Unusuals - This quirky cop procedural definitely had potential, but with the popularity of the now-renewed quirky cop procedural Castle...guess it wasn't unusual enough (or garnered the necessary ratings) for ABC to keep around. Remaining episodes still airing.

According to Jim - Longtime choice of many TV critics as the most hated show on TV (and not because it is necessarily the worst, but because it is pretty darn close, yet managed to survive for 8 seasons), Jim is finally saying goodbye. Yes, I cannot believe it either, but 8 seasons aired.

Samantha Who? - Quirky Christina Applegate memory-loss comedy, Samantha Who's cancellation was somewhat of a surprise. ABC definitely liked the show, but the numbers just weren't there to renew it for another season. 2 seasons aired.

Surviving Suburbia - It is unclear if this show is officially dead yet or not, but it should be, and likely will be soon. Remaining episodes begin airing this week.

Which ABC cancellation - recent or earlier in the year - has upset you the most? Are you the one person that will miss According to Jim?


| 14:21 EDT, 10 Jun, 2010
I was just coming to check on what was going on with cupid, and BAM - cancelled. What a disappointment.
| 20:00 EDT, 24 Jun, 2009
I still miss Eli Stone so much, I really loved Cupid (by the way 7 not 6 episodes aired - but still angry cause they had 9 and I want to see them all and even more). Samantha who was just growing on me - and I will miss it. Seems like it is a high risk to start watching an ABC show - once you fall in love, they cancel it.It is really annoying.
| 17:03 EDT, 15 Jun, 2009
The Unusuals shouldn't have been canceled. The show has only been getting better. Sad to see it go :(
| 18:13 EDT, 07 Jun, 2009
Cupid was such an awesome show!It barely got a chance to garner a following :(
| 07:32 EDT, 06 Jun, 2009
I really liked Cupid :(:(:(:(
| 16:23 EDT, 04 Jun, 2009
And In the Motherhood shouldn't get canceled too.
| 16:19 EDT, 04 Jun, 2009
I like Samantha Who? and Pushing Daisies. I don't think that should get canceled.
| 03:25 EDT, 04 Jun, 2009
Samantha who was great I will miss it.
| 20:02 EDT, 31 May, 2009
apparently i'm the only one, but i found In the Motherhood pretty amusing. and Samantha who was growing on me as well.
| 13:27 EDT, 29 May, 2009
I watched Cupid and thought it was much better than the original and had some potential...I found it entertaining, but I'm not totally upset that it was canceled. However, I don't think The Unusuals were given much of a chance. We were just starting to make connections to the characters and I would have loved to see how the show evolved. I think canceling this show was a mistake.
| 08:11 EDT, 28 May, 2009
samantha who was pretty good, and i still think that dirty sexy money should never have been cancelled.
| 04:48 EDT, 28 May, 2009
I kind of liked Cupid. Saw it after...whatever is before that like twice and it really caught my eye. I didn't really hear much about the show beforehand, though.
| 22:35 EDT, 27 May, 2009
Im disappointed in the loss of the unusuals. They really didn't even give it a chance. It had only aired three episodes when they made the decision.
| 13:27 EDT, 27 May, 2009
i really liked cupid ... booo
| 12:12 EDT, 27 May, 2009
I watched a lot of these shows but even I have to admit they were mediocre at best... except Pushing Daisies, that cancellation made me sad.
| 16:26 EDT, 26 May, 2009
i loved cupid! :/
| 14:19 EDT, 26 May, 2009
most of those shows are crap anyway...

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