'So You Think You Can Dance' recap: 11th heaven

While watching the most recent episode in this seventh game-changing season of So You Think You Can Dance, I realized that Nigel and the panel handed me the equivalent a great, big hot fudge sundae. We had the cool (b-boy Jose Ruiz, tapper Melinda Sullivan); the warm, cozy coating that reminds us of yesteryear (Alex Wong, Billy Bell, Christina Sullivan); and, on top of it all, a nice, sweet, zingy cherry (that would be Kent Boyd, obviously).

So it was to my pleasant surprise that by the end of the entire show, Nigel and the gang didn't yank this delicious treat away from me. Surely, I expected in the last 10 minutes, the judge would deprive us of early favorites Billy Bell and Alexie Agdeppa, because the season was starting to look just a tad too delectable. (And don't call me Shirley.) After all, if we've learned anything from reality television, it's how much it loves to rip out our hearts and use them as hacky sacks. (Remember how it felt to lose Alex Wong last year?)

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