Big Brother 11 Episode Recap: September 1, 2009

Jeff and Michele's backs were against the wall, but would they be able to win the veto and save themselves from worry? Before we get to that, the houseguests get to have a little fun and earn some cold, hard cash. (Well most of the houseguests!) So what exactly was behind Kevin's mystery door, and who came away with the POV and first-class ticket to the final 4? Let's find out.

After Kevin's nominations, Jeff was obviously upset with Kevin for betraying his word. But, Jeff followed his own advice to Russell from a week ago: Admit when you got beat. In that spirit, he turned his focus onto winning the veto, and seemed to remain relatively friendly with everyone in the house. Loner Michele stayed on the fringe, but she also was on a mission to guarantee her own safety.

But before it got all serious, the houseguests were rewarded with $10,000 falling from the sky, thanks to Kevin. He opened the mystery door, and realized that by sticking his arm into "Pandora's Box," he would release the cash. However, Kevin only got to watch the dollar bills fall from the sky on the TV, as his arm was locked in the box. Jeff, Jordan, Natalie and Michele all started grabbing what they could, but Natalie finally went to find Kevin. He told her she needed to find the key to let him out, and she said OK. But then she ran outside and kept grabbing money. (Ha!)

Kevin tried again when Jeff came in to see what was up, and he actually found the key, but still went back outside without freeing Kevin. (Kevin did wise up, though, and lied that the only way to keep the money was to free Kevin.) Ultimately, after collecting more than $3,000, Jeff freed Kevin. Michele got about $2,500, and Natalie and Jordan both got a little over $1,500. Kevin, coming late to the party, got a measly $600 bucks.

Jeff hopes that Jordan wins the veto, which would be best-case scenario and ensure that Natalie would go up against Michele. The contest was the annual memory wall challenge, and this year, the mashed-together faces were also aliens. Bonus: the Veto winner also wins a home entertainment center.

As always the faces were hysterical, particularly the pictures of Jessie and Laura (those teeth!) and Braden and Russell. Surprisingly (or not) most of the houseguests struggled the most on their own pictures. Ultimately, they all had pretty respectable times, but the winner by a comfortable margin was Michele.

Knowing that his fate was probably sealed, Jeff was noticeably upset. Even worse, poor Jordan was a basket case because she felt like she'd let Jeff down. Knowing she was the likely replacement nominee, she even vowed to campaign for Jeff to stay, noting that Jeff was the only reason she'd floated this far in the game. It's a sweet gesture, but I am not sure I could give up the chance at $500,000 for my BFF. Then again, Jordan is pretty much right in her assumption that she isn't likely to make it to the finals without Jeff.

Michele, however, is also on Jeff's side, and urges him to fight to stay. She tells him to approach Kevin and make him see that Natalie will eventually dispense of him. Jeff asks Michele to feel Kevin out about it, and he seems receptive to the idea, especially the notion that Natalie has a bunch of friends in the jury house who might vote to give her the money.

But when the veto ceremony comes around, Kevin replaces Michele with Jordan. True, he still has the power to be the deciding vote and could save Jeff as part of Michele's plan to get Natalie out next week. But, I think Kevin will ultimately find the risk to be too great. Based on all the diary room sessions, it is: Everyone seems ready to come after him.

What did you think of the episode? Did you laugh at Kevin being locked in Pandora's Box? Are you bummed or psyched that Michele won the veto? Who is going home? Share all your thoughts below and check back to see who is evicted.

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