'The Pacific' Episode 3 - 'Melbourne' Recap

Wasn't that a stark contrast from the first two episodes. As viewers, we were just as out of sorts watching that arrival in Melbourne, Australia as the marines themselves were. After two weeks of near non-stop warfare and bloodshed, the marines got a chance to get some much needed R & R, as well as the attention of some very appreciative Aussie young women.

The more relaxed pace of the episode allowed us to get to know some of our principal cast members more intimately. Particularly Robert Leckie and John Basilone, who had very different experiences in Melbourne. Basilone was the decorated war hero, given the highest honor he could possibly achieve, while Leckie found something even sweeter: a woman.

As someone who's never been to war, I can't speak of what it must be like during these breaks from the action, when the military personnel can interact socially with regular civilians. Knowing that you could be called back to the front at any moment must create a heightened sense of emotion, which could explain why both Leckie and the lovely Australian lass he became smitten with seemed to get so serious so quickly.

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