'24' Finale Will Include Eriq La Salle

The news that '24' is coming to an end with the finale of this season wasn't as big a shock as some might have thought a few years back. After all, the ratings were down and some folks wondered if '24' had jumped the you-know-what. Still, when a great show calls it a day, it's a sad time for television.

At least in the finale, '24' will be bringing on some big names to gussy up the finish. 'ER's' Eriq La Salle will appear in the last two '24' episodes, for instance. Eriq will not be playing a surgeon asked to stitch together the remaining limbs of Jack Bauer before shipping him off to Kim in California. In fact, he won't be in scrubs at all.

Eriq's going to be playing the Secretary General of the United Nations. He'll be a diplomat and could actually be asked to smile because his character is described as charming and regal. For those who remember him only as Peter Benton on 'ER,' it'll be great to see him in a new light.

Also appearing on '24' in the remaining episodes will be Michael Madsen. That's right, the same Michael Madsen who was a stone-cold assassin in 'Kill Bill' and a great character actor in other films, as well.He's going to be Jim Ricker on '24,' a former military man who has a past with Jack.

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