Scrubs Season 9, Episode 12: "Our Driving Issues" Review

Hey everyone, in case you weren't paying attention, Scrubs is back. Why ABC decided to air new episodes during its Wednesday night comedy block roughly five months too late is not for me to worry about, I'm just happy they figured it out eventually. Now if only they could've put Better Off Ted in The Middle's slot before the entire cast went off to do other projects due to its imminent cancellation, life would've been even better. But what's done is done, and like I said, Scrubs is back.

This was an odd episode because it focused on two characters who rarely get the spotlight: Cole and Dr. Kelso. I don't mind when they spread the wealth a bit, but these two guys are pretty one-dimensional and this episode didn't do much to change my opinion. The crux of the story was that both of them received bad news: Cole had a malignant mole on his chest while Kelso learned his insurance company wouldn't allow him to drive due to his age and medical condition. As a result, both men became bitter and angry, and wound up turning away people who only wanted to help them. Scrubs has a long history of telling serious stories with honesty and humor without treading into "after-school special" territory, but this one felt a little too one-the-nose. Especially considering that both of them are a bunch of horndogs, watching them discuss being scared and abandoned didn't feel as authentic as it would've coming from other characters on this show.

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