'Archer' - 'Job Offer' Recap Episode 9

Just one more episode to go before 'Archer' wraps up its ten-episode run. It will be interesting to see if FX brings it back for another season. The show's super-spy universe really lends itself to further exploration, but the characters' tangled web of sexual tension and missing fathers may not hold up for another ten episodes. It's a small cast of main characters, and the back-and-forth nature can only last so long.

Maybe some new problems will be introduced in the finale, leaving us begging for more. Or maybe everyone will die in a fiery, sexy explosion. Y'never know.

So, Archer took on a high-paying job at ODIN, even though it was kind of an accident and neither ISIS nor ODIN really wanted him as an agent. Throughout the entire episode, Archer was the most oblivious to what was going on, but that's not anything new.

It was surprisingly nice to see the relationship between Archer and Mallory go beyond their usual half-shouted bickering. For the first time, we saw Mallory demonstrate some real motherly feelings, and while she was sober, at that! That's got to count for something. When she thought Archer had died in the "Skorpio" episode, she let out a singular cry of concern, but in this episode, she seriously broke down. Not only does this inform her character tremendously, but it also sounds great because Jessica Walter is amazing.

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