Top 10 Favorite TV Bromances, Part 2 - Featured

Scrubs - JD & Turk

Since JD and Turk have intimate sounding nicknames for one another (Chocolate Bear and Vanilla Bear), I think it's safe to say that the two have one of the more overt bromances occurring on TV. Heck, they even sang a song about it during the "My Musical" episode called "Guy Love"! If I didn't know any better, I'd say that Turk is married to both Carla and JD, since the two have a relationship that pretty much mimics one of a married couple. JD even sang, "It's like I married my best friend, but in a totally manly way."

Friends (1994) - Chandler & Joey

Poor Ross was always slightly on the outside, because the true bromance in Friends was always Chandler and Joey. The best of roommates, there was little they wouldn't do together, from watching Baywatch to playing foosball to...even kissing each other (on New Year's...once). When Chandler moved out to live with Monica, Joey was devastated, and had a hell of a time finding a replacement roommate. Chandler and Monica even joked at the end of the series that they'd have a bedroom for Joey above the garage in their suburban house!

How I Met Your Mother - Ted & Barney & Marshall

I couldn't decide if there's more of a HIMYM bromance between Barney and Ted or Ted and Marshall, at which point I realized, why does a bromance have to be constrained to merely 2 bros? Thus, for HIMYM, I introduce to you the bromorgy of Ted & Marshall & Barney. Having 3 involved in a bromance gets a little more complicated, of course, as Ted once got angry when he heard that Barney was spending "alone time" with Marshall.

Gossip Girl - Chuck & Nate

These two strapping young gentlemen share everything - even their women! But seriously, if the friendship between Nate and Chuck could survive Chuck taking Blair's virginity in the back of a limo (when she had been dating Nate forever), it's gotta be bromance! Right? The two also genuinely care for one another - Chuck was even willing to sell some of his shares in his beloved club to help Nate when he was in financial troubles.

Nip/Tuck - Christian and Sean

Much like our two Upper East Siders above, Christian and Sean have shared everything - from their practice to Sean's former wife Julia to their son Matt. Yeah...Sean and Julia were once married and raising Matt, though in fact, Matt ended up being Christian's biological son. It's kind of effed up, but as the two have openly confessed, they truly love each other, so I guess it all works out ok.

Who are you favorite TV bromances?


| 11:51 EDT, 30 May, 2010
Don't know half the people on this list but love Ryan and Seth from the O.C.And love Chuck and Nate. Actually I only love chuck, but beggars can't be choosers right. Where's Ando and Hiro indeed! Though I don't watch Scrubs, i can say that JD and Turk's is the ultimate bromance (love that word), see i don't even watch the show and i know that.
| 23:25 EDT, 27 Jul, 2009
where is the Winchesters.
| 01:16 EDT, 19 Jul, 2009
The guys from Chuck & FOTC are mentioned in Part 1... why Part 1 and Part 2 aren't on the same page, I have no idea. But there are 5 others in part 1... including my faves, Ryan and Seth from The OC :)
| 12:54 EDT, 01 May, 2009
where are denny crane and alan shore???!!! they freaken got married!!!!!
| 12:15 EDT, 28 Apr, 2009
@foran44: That was my thought too, so thanx!
| 07:11 EDT, 27 Apr, 2009
I cant believe nobody said chuck and morgan from chuck yet!
| 11:13 EDT, 19 Apr, 2009
what about Fergie and Junk from OTH?
| 06:25 EDT, 13 Apr, 2009
denny crane and alan shore are missing from that list but JD and turk are my favourites:P (JD saying "we're pregnant" about turk and calra's baby is a good example) xD
| 13:14 EDT, 11 Apr, 2009
Yeah, definitely missing Stargate Atlantis' John Sheppard and Rodney McKay.
| 11:33 EDT, 11 Apr, 2009
What about McDreamy and McSteamy from Grey's Anatomy!?
| 04:58 EDT, 11 Apr, 2009
what about home improvement? Tim and ALor seinfeld-jerry and georgeor more recently the office-michael and dwight?ultimately though, entourage reigns supreme
| 12:23 EDT, 10 Apr, 2009
what about Jesse, Danny, and Joey from full house
| 11:06 EDT, 10 Apr, 2009
the ultimate bromance: Adama and Tigh from BSG! Shawn and Gus from Psych should have also been on here.
| 18:58 EDT, 09 Apr, 2009
I love Joey and Chandler XD
| 14:13 EDT, 09 Apr, 2009
what about the actual bromance of [my name is] earl and randy? and entourage obviously, ari & loyd hahahah
| 22:45 EDT, 08 Apr, 2009
All the guys on My Boys
| 20:43 EDT, 08 Apr, 2009
Definitely missing on the list: The West Wing: Toby Ziegler and Josh Lyman Ally McBeal: Richard Fish and John Cage Boston Legal: Alan Shore and Denny Crane Trust Me: Mason and Connor Studio 60: Danny Tripp and Matt Albie
| 20:03 EDT, 08 Apr, 2009
I cannot believe I forgot the boys from Reaper.
| 19:17 EDT, 08 Apr, 2009
Come on!!! y isnt Denny Crane and Alan Shore on the list!!!!!
| 17:34 EDT, 08 Apr, 2009
Yay Moss and Roy from IT crowd (they got of with each other full on for quite a while when they get involved with a gang) , Bernard and Manny from black books and Ben, Sock and Sam from Reaper.
| 14:12 EDT, 08 Apr, 2009
Tigh and Adama from BSG are the most obvious choice ever and they aren't on this list! Sean and Gus are a close second but they don't seem to have made it either....
| 12:52 EDT, 08 Apr, 2009
yeah! I agree with Jill_P: Hiro and Ando from Heroes, right? :)
| 12:22 EDT, 08 Apr, 2009
To continue Mike and Shawn from Rescue Me, Little Pete and Artie, Doug and Deacon, Danny and Spence (King of Queens), Fry and Bender.
| 12:13 EDT, 08 Apr, 2009
This is a list that could go on and on. Tim and Mike (Spaced), Shawn and Gus, Entourage, Hiro and Ando, Mac and Charlie def. The whole cast of TMNT, Andy and Doug(Weeds), Rusty and Dale(Greek). Adama and Tigh like someone else said. Tommy and his dead cousin(Rescue me)
| 04:54 EDT, 08 Apr, 2009
Good start to a list, but I agree that you should include Shawn and Gus from Psych, the entire cast of Entourage, and Hiro and Ando from Heroes. I'd also add, Bret and Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords, the entire cast of the Big Bang Theory, Moss and Roy from the IT Crowd, and Mac and Charlie (maybe Dennis or Frank too...) from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
| 03:18 EDT, 08 Apr, 2009
Yes Shawn and Gus and the whole cast of Entourage they NEED TO BE ON THIS LIST 2 of the best bromances. Why are they not on this list?
| 02:13 EDT, 08 Apr, 2009
Shawn and Gus should definitely be on there, Shawn has more nicknames for Gus than any of the other enteries combined....Gus Sillypants Jackson, Lemongrass Googely, Mathusala Honeysuckle, Ovaltin Jenkins, Burton Oil Can Guster, Scooty U-turn Signalton, Gus TTshowbiz(the extra T is for extra Talent).....and the list goes on. I would also say Turtle and Johnny Drama should be high on the list too.
| 00:35 EDT, 08 Apr, 2009
Where the heck are Shawn and Gus! There should be a part 3 dedicated to just them.
| 23:57 EDT, 07 Apr, 2009
| 23:18 EDT, 07 Apr, 2009
cory and shawn from boy meets world
| 22:51 EDT, 07 Apr, 2009
Man, there are so many on TV these days (and, you know, in reruns) that a lot got missed, including: Gus and Shawn from Psych (as mentioned above)Crusoe and Friday from the unfortunately short-lived CrusoeSheppard and McKay from Stargate AtlantisJack and Daniel from SG-1Hiro and Ando from HeroesSaul Tigh and William Adama from BSG I hope they do a feature on awesome girl friendships too...there are some great ones out there. Sadly, we are lacking in a female equivalent to bromance...
| 22:37 EDT, 07 Apr, 2009
u r still missin gus and shaun
| 22:37 EDT, 07 Apr, 2009
How could this article miss the ultimate bromance ever shown on television? Denny Crane and Alan Shore. If you've seen the last episode of Boston Legal, you'll know what I'm talking about.

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