24 "Day 8: 10:00pm - 11:00pm" Review Season 8, Episode 7

WHEEE VIOLENCE! Ahem. Side effects of sluggish pacing may include an increased sensitivity to stabbings and Bauer Badassery. But seriously - Renee going batshit on Vlad (she impaled him in the EYE!) and then accidentally stabbing Jack, who in turn yanked the knife out of his stomach and flung it into the jugular of an approaching baddie? All kinds of awesome. For a glorious ten minutes, I was pretty damned happy.

As far as the other fifty minutes go, there was a bit more progress this week, but it doesn't look like things will really pick up until next Monday (judging by the previews). Le sigh. LeoLite got into the evidence locker or whatever and barely escaped with his loot and Dana - zzzzzz. I mean, yeah. Still useless. Still unconnected to the main arc. Well, I suppose it could be connected in the sense that this lovely little diversion is distracting Dana from, you know, actually doing her JOB. The tension! It's killing me! What stupid thing will she do next? I just can't wait to see!

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