How I Met Your Mother Episode Recap: "Last Cigarette Ever" Season 5, Episode 11

Hey readers, did you know that Ted, Robin, Marshall, Lily and Barney are all smokers? Neither did I. Neither do Ted's kids - because he never told them. Or us. For four and a half seasons. But this week, we learn that they do all occasionally smoke and perpetually try to quit, but when one of them falls off the wagon, they all fall off the wagon. Meanwhile, Robin has issues with a new (and completely unprofessional) co-worker.

Future Ted reminds his kids (and us) that in 2009, Robin was the anchor for a super-mega-early-morning local newscast. And she's just gotten a new co-host - Don Frank, a TV-news veteran who has anchored newscasts for 38 stations all over the country. After telling Ted her exciting news, Robin goes up to the roof and stands around for five minutes - which is Ted-speak for "has a cigarette." Future Ted's kids are shocked to learn that their Aunt Robin used to smoke...a lot. It gets so bad that Robin is eventually smoking while brushing her teeth (!) and even exercising. Eventually, Ted, Marshall and Barney walk in on Robin doing push-ups while smoking a cigarette. Ted asks her to take it to the roof, and Marshall pretends to berate her as well - before asking if he can bum a cigarette. Future Ted's kids (and half the viewing audience) respond with a huge "WHAT??"

Turns out that Marshall started smoking at age 13, when a friend offered him a cigarette during summer vacation. (Hilariously, there's still snow on the ground during the summer in Minnesota.) He's sworn many, many times that each cigarette is his last ever, so Ted's annoyed when he finds out that Marshall wants to smoke with Robin. "You haven't had a cigarette in six months," he says. "Is this about the McRib? It's gone, dude. Get over it." Marshall explains that he's been stressed at work. It seems that GNB has just hired a new head of the legal department - Arthur Hobbs, last seen in "The Chain of Screaming" as Marshall's horrible boss. Apparently Hobbs has been firing people left and right. He doesn't remember Marshall at all and Ted thinks this is a good thing, but Barney explains that Hobbs is much more likely to fire someone he doesn't know than someone he hates.

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