The Simpsons Episode Recap: "O Brother, Where Bart Thou?" Season 21, Episode 8

When Bart observes that Lisa has a special sibling bond with Maggie that he will never have with a little brother, he asks Homer for a baby brother.

It's snowing in Springfield and the schools are all closed. While school's out, Bart relies on TV and video games to keep him entertained. The electricity goes out and to Bart's amazement, everything he wants to use needs electricity in order to run. Bored and not knowing what to do with his self, Bart sees Lisa and Maggie playing games with one another and bonding. Lisa tells Bart that she and Maggie will always have a strong bond to one another their entire lives because they are sisters. Bart wants to feel that type of connection and decides that he would like a brother.

Bart has a dream showing all the great things he could do if only he had a brother. Guest stars such as the Mannings and the Smothers Brothers appear in his dream telling him all the great things they have accomplished by having a brother. Bart awakens and then tries to convince Homer that he wants a brother. Homer says that's not going to happen because he's "only going to the hospital one more time and he ain't comin' out." Homer goes on to tell Bart how much easier girls are to teach because (among other things) he doesn't have to explain to them how their bodies work, because "...I don't know either." Bart mentions that Homer hasn't explained to him how boys' bodies work. Homer responds with, "Just point and shoot, boy. Point and shoot."

Bart is at the bus stop with Milhouse, Nelson, and Ralph ala "South Park" style, and tells the boys how he wants a baby brother. Nelson suggests Bart somehow trick his parents into having "adult time." Bart whips up a five-course romantic dinner. Marge and Homer decide to eat dessert and make love, but realized that they are too stuffed after dessert to do anything else. Milhouse tells Bart to show his parents the video that his parents watched in order to have him, "Kama Sutra: A Soulmates' Journey to Sensual Nirvana." Instead of making babies, they end up hurting themselves.

Bart's last resort is to tamper with Marge's birth control pills, an idea courtesy of the bullies. (Nelson inadvertently eats the real pills after Bart replaces them with Tac-Tics.) However, Marge catches Bart and he gets in trouble. He explains to Marge that he really wants a brother so that he can have what Lisa and Maggie have. Marge says that she thinks that three children are perfect and that just because she has another baby, it doesn't guarantee that it will be a boy. Bart flashes to a "Sex and the City" parody scene, with guest voice Kim Cattrall, to what it would be like to have three sisters. Bart is displeased.

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