Neil Flynn: The Middle Is "Escapism for Rich Viewers"

It's called The Middle. It could be called The Forgotten.

"Do I feel like it's forgotten? Yeah, I kind of feel that way," star Neil Flynn tells "But that's OK. I feel like it's such a difficult task to get on the air and stay there that I don't worry about asking for more than that."

Unlike its neighbors on ABC's Wednesday night comedy block, Modern Family and Cougar Town, The Middle is much less buzzed-about, despite solid reviews and ratings and an early Season 2 renewal. But being overlooked came as no surprise to Flynn.

"There's not much flash to the show," he says. "I think it's very likeable and relatable, but it's hard to pitch it to a friend or a family member by describing it in any other way than say it's good. I don't feel, like, bothered that it gets less press or talk than some other shows. It's not all that edgy or hip or whatever word these days means hip, but it is good."

Indeed, The Middle is as unhip as it comes. The family sitcom follows the exploits of the Hecks, a working-class family headed by Flynn, 49, and Patricia Heaton, 52, in fictional Orson, Ind. The Hecks' antics, which are inspired by the writers' own weekend experiences with their families, are hilarious - but perhaps, at times, too discomforting.

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