'Bachelorette' spoilers: Do they make you want to watch more, or ruin the whole darn thing?

Spoilers - they're called that for a reason. There was a time in the olden days when people didn't like to know what was coming in their entertainment. Silly them, they thought they were watching/reading/listening to find out what happens next. Turns out those old-fashioned folks were wrong - at least according to the apparent viewing science behind The Bachelorette. If you watched last night's episode (and I hope you did, because it took reality television to new heights, with calls from secret girlfriends in Canada and leaked voicemails and everything), you saw a lengthy string of scenes extolling what's coming this seasonĂ‚ on The Bachelorette. Not just the kind of teasers for next week's episode that we've all grown accustomed to in our TV-saturated times; we're talking clear scenes from weeks in the future that made it fairly obvious who gets hometown dates and, more importantly, revealed a major emotional confrontation between frontrunner Frank and Ali. (ABC hasn't immediately responded to EW's calls for comment.) Sure, we're not 100-percent sure what bomb he drops to make her sob and question whether she'll ever find love, but we can certainly surmise that there's a breakup-type scenario in the near future for our heroine and the retail manager/aspiring screenwriter from Geneva, Ill.

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Jul 5, 2010 10:32PM EDT

I'm here to say that picture of Ali crying is fantastic.

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